My insurance is not covering all of it and my deductible is $6,000. Hello Dan, we are so glad we could be there through this with you by helping with the reinstallation and filter changes. Thank you for the kind words.

Mr Plumber Singapore exceeded my expectation and I sincerely thank them as a team for a good job that has been well done. I googled for reliable plumber services and came across Mr Plumber. They recommended for an on-site inspection which cost around $30 and would advice more when they are on site. Although it a little costly, but after comparing connors pest control with others, I find that Mr Plumber was the best option and most reliable. They were able to make appointments fast, compared to others which I am impressed as I am the type that would engaged those who make efforts to serve customers. Their Plumber also did their job, putting their heart to it which again I’m impressed by it.

If you are someone who is willing to let people know that an idea doesn’t make sense or have your own opinion that differs from the CEO. Rarely do they hire within and again if you aren’t a yes man or a woman it’s unlikely they will promote you. Maybe if you are a veteran. Managed to source the parts before accepting the assignment.

Managers who try to make you think they are on your side, but crumble at the slightest hint of pressure by their peers or uppers. Never trying to build people up they just run on the well we’ll find someone else. Even though their general selection of people for the install side has been questionable with their desperation to get people in. They will no compensate you fairly for the amount of times they will have you out in the field for 10+ hours. This is for the installers, Plumbers & their warehouse workers. You are unlikely to ever get promoted if you aren’t a veteran or a women.

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And also gave me a very fair quote. They came down to fix my pipe/shower unit which was leaking on the same day. I like their customer service experience and they even messaged us to check if the plumber can come by earlier. Did his work efficiently and quickly. Very well behaved, polite, smiling face. Very satisfying experience.

We cannot take responsibility for this. On November 15, 2022, 3 months after the incident, we received a call from you and we sent out our techs the very next day. On November 16, 2022 our services techs went to your home to assess the issues and found that the system is working properly. I got a mailer saying I had a parcel to pick up and to call a number to pick it up. I called and it was Fidelis trying to sell me a water filtration system.

By just a phone call, Ive engaged hie service. Not only because of the price but Mr Plumber really explain to me and ask me to take a pic of the tap. Even the guy that came to fix was friendly. Mr plumber also text to ask me about the condition of the tap.

Will not hesitate to call for their service the next time. Within the same day my heater was delivered and installed at the correct prearranged timing. No delays, efficient and quality work. Service was prompt and efficient! My second time engaging their services and will continue to do so.