Today is a special day for the lovely ladies in my life. This is the day that we all have to say “Feliz Cumpleaños”, the day that we all have to say “Feliz Cumpleaños”. This day is important to us because it signifies to us that we are truly loved and valued by this special person. We are celebrating the love we have for each other and it is our way of saying thank you.

Feliz cumpleaños is a Latin phrase that means “happy birthday” or “happy anniversary.” It’s also the name of a Mexican holiday, so we’re thinking it’s a day of celebrations, maybe a small one, or something special. But I don’t think it’s a holiday.

The word is also Spanish and means “happy birthday”. The idea that it is a celebration is not correct, it is a day to say thank you. But to be fair, I never thought this was a day to be celebrating my birthday, so I wouldn’t mind if it is a day to say thank you.

The fact is that feliz cumpleaños is a day of celebration, so that’s not a problem. But in the meantime, I think its a bit of a silly day for Mexican women to be celebrating, since Mexico has no equivalent of a birthday.

Feliz cumpleaños is a nice idea. But Mexico has no equivalent of a birthday. This is one of those things that is really so easy to fix as a country that has no equivalent to a birthday. If Mexico had a birthday, it would be the day that all of Mexico got together and celebrated itself.

Feliz cumpleaños is definitely a day for Mexican women to be happy. But Mexican women have no equivalent of a birthday. I would call it a “special day,” not a “day to celebrate.” Mexicans would probably just call it a “day to forget about work.

I don’t think I need to go into a lot of detail about why Mexican women don’t celebrate their own birthdays, but I will say that it is a day to forget about work. Mexicans would just call it a day to forget about work.

Mexican women don’t celebrate birthdays because they don’t even know what a Mexican women’s birthday is. Mexican women just call it a day to forget about work. But I think that’s just because we’re not talking about Mexican women.

The Mexican community has a saying that goes, “if you dont have anything nice to say, just leave. Thats how we treat newcomers.” I have to say that I think that phrase was more aimed at the Japanese community. I dont know why people would just leave with such a negative attitude towards us Mexicans but it seems it is a mentality that we have. Like we dont even have anything nice to say. We dont have anything to say.

I have to admit I never thought that this phrase would be so universally applicable. And it would be nice if it ended up being the case. But I know I just said that but it was like the phrase was going to be used for me. I am sure it is used for other people. I just don’t know if I am the person for whom it is being used. And that really saddens me.


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