Technology has resulted in numerous changes in how the traditional office space works. For instance, co-working spaces have started to become more common. In reality, most employees of large corporations are willing to work outside their offices in flexible environments. The co-working phenomenon is driven by full office facilities and freedom at lower costs. However, if you are searching for a great co-working space, here are the critical features you should consider:


When looking for a good co-working space, you need your business files, data, and other critical items to remain intact. Therefore, you should look for spaces with advanced safety standards offline and online. For instance, you need to check if the coworking space in Jakarta has a security officer and does the building has surveillance cameras. Also, remember to check their procedures regarding data breaches and if they have anti-hacking software.

Conferencing rooms

In most cases, your business associates and clients might prefer to organize meetings in the co-working spaces. However, it is better to offer them a more peaceful room and appointments without external disturbances. For instance, a good coworking space in Jakarta should have at least one-two spacious conference room. The rooms should have essential items, including conference phones, Airplay connections, HDMI, Television, and a full whiteboard wall.


Location is one of the critical factors that makes a great co-working space. You need to select a space located in a calm environment where employees can work with more determination and focus. Also, ensure you choose a functional shared office space that facilitates easier travel for the clients and employees. Further, ensure you choose an office space in a prime location with several business clients nearby.


Research indicates that the Millennials comprise the majority of the co-working population. Apart from the traditional office features, the employees might demand additional benefits, including free drinks and snacks. Therefore, you must follow this trend and look for a co-working space with a cozy and nice kitchenette and lounge bar. That will enable you o take a quick coffee break, relax and enjoy for a few minutes before resuming your duties.

Varied seating arrangements

One of the reasons employees search for a more flexible environment is to achieve a healthy work-life balance. In particular, when the office space offers a varied seating arrangement and hybrid work, employees can work where they feel most productive. The shared co-working environments might include standard office chair setup, stairs with throw pillows, vibrant wing chairs, beanbags, and communal tables. When employees change the environment, their brains get a fresh perspective, enabling them to solve certain issues.

24-hour access

A good co-working space should not adhere to a rigid work schedule when you decide to hire one. That means the owners should understand that inspiration and creativity cannot be times. Consequently, the working space should offer you 24/7 access when you become a member. Therefore, you should be able to come to the office space even at night if that will assist you in becoming more creative.

Co-working is one the best ideal ways to minimize your organizational, operational costs. However, you need to know the advantages you will enjoy when renting a co-working space. You can easily find a great co-working space that suits your business needs by considering the above features.


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