In January 2022, rumors began to spread that Grande, 28, is pregnant with her first child. The Krissed trend happens to be a joke where people share fake news that sound believable and in the end post a clip of Kris Jenner dancing. Please enable JavaScript or switch to a supported browser to continue using

While the “Positions” singer wed privately back in May 2021, she didn’t used to be so secretive about her personal life. The rumors began after an image of the star started circulating the internet, appearing to show albion tuition a baby bump. The first one shows Ariana sitting down in a white dress while cradling her edited baby bump. Meanwhile, the second picture shows the singer wearing a black top while looking down at her belly.

A polaroid picture of a pregnant Ariana Grande features a heart that has been scribbled in the post. Rumors about the star’s pregnancy emerged after a picture of her appeared to indicate a baby bump on the internet. Rumors started circulating in January 2022 that Grande, 28, was expecting her first child. Kissed is a joke in which people spread fake news that sounds real and then post a video of Kris Jenner dancing. These photographs of Ariana with a baby bulge are staged, and if you’ve seen them on social media, you already know they’re not real.

Ariana Grande is not pregnant, but she wants to have kids someday. Ariana and Dalton married over the weekend of 15 May, six months after he popped the question just before Christmas. It seems fans will have to wait a little longer if they want to see Grande pregnant, however, fans can always look forward to the new music she releases.

To add to this, the caption “5 months pregnant” added fuel to the fire. Opinions on social media about the rumors surrounding Ariana Grande were divided. Some could clearly see through the posts while others believed in it, and some others were confused about whether they should trust the source. And a few users have found humor in the situation and made jokes, referencing to lyrics from her song “thankyou, next.” Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImageShe recently posted a photo dump of her day-to-day activities. Ariana Grande married Dalton Gomez, a luxury real estate agent who proposed in 2020.

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Ariana is “ticking off her bucket list items one by one,” as she puts it. MichiganSportsZone Lights on the latest and important breakthroughs in Latest Top Stories, Politics, technology, startups, health, and science via easy-to-read posts. The photograph appears authentic enough for users on the internet to share it without recognizing that it is fake. His personal Instagram account has just one post and fewer than 4,200 followers, yet his wife has over 292 million Instagram followers and more than 4,900 photographs on her profile. However, despite being married to a celebrity, Gomez maintains a limited social media presence. That picture, which makes her look pregnant, was allegedly edited and isn’t real.