Were sorry for the delay to your journey, you might be entitled to some compensation. Unfortunately, the accessible toilet in coach D isn’t available today. You can still use the toilet in coach B, which is also accessible. Unfortunately, the accessible toilets in coaches B & D aren’t available today.

Your experience and feedback matter, so our app is updated monthly. If you want to take your videos to the next level and make them stand out from the crowd, this app is a must-have. Learning Standards are easily accessible through the system. SLOadvantage imports local, state, Common Core and industry standards. Teachers select the standards to include in the SLO from drop-down menus.

SLOadvantage™ ensures the accuracy of calculations, thereby building trust in the overall evaluation system. This automation improves the efficiency of SLO implementation during the busy closeout periods. how to pronounce cassia This is particularly appreciated by teachers and administrators at the end of semester and end of year time periods. SLOs may be reviewed using a quality rubric or checklist through the system.

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Keep up to date with your train’s status with our train tracking tool. Realizing that it was critical to have more direct contact with customers, Surya Tiwari established a division in the U.S. in 1986 and appointed his son, Satya, as president in 2006. Create the perfect living space with our massive selection of furniture in all styles ranging from rustic to contemporary & traditional.

We’ll keep you updated with live train departures and expected arrival times so you can better plan your journey. SLOadvantage transfers outcome and scoring data to teacher and principal evaluation systems. Output can be generated in a variety of formats for use with existing data systems.

All reports can be generated at the teacher, school or district level. SLOadvantage exports all data in .csv format for use in other applications. SLOadvantage automates calculations such as the average amount of growth or percent of students meeting targets. Calculations of SLO outcomes are customized to meet the needs of the district.