The basis for this rumor appears to be a tweet from dataminer Steve Moser, who showed images he says came from a datamine of the iOS Netflix app. These images include a Netflix gaming logo, a shark fin logo (the gaming project is allegedly codenamed “Shark”), as well as the cover artwork for Ghost of Tsushima and art of two stylized DualSense controllers. It’s not exactly a smoking gun, far from it, but it’s worth talking about at best.

The go-to source for comic and superhero movies A one-stop shop for all things video games. From gaming trends to the latest blockbuster anime, DualShockers keeps you ahead of the curve. The streaming service will log that you binged every episode of Breaking Bad in a week, and that you abandoned Seaspiracy 20 minutes in. This sort of data is core to the personalisation Netflix prides itself on – the resulting recommendations based on what other people like you have watched. It is all done via specialist personalisation algorithms, fuelled by data about the films and TV you watch and how you interact with the service. Netflix says the recommendations system does not take into account demographic information, such as age or gender, as part of the decision making process.

As posted by miner Steve Moser, the images down below shows off two DualSense controller, Ghost of Tsushima, along with a Netflix Game logo, and what he claims to be the working icon for their game feature, Shark. PlayStation images of a DualSense controller and Ghost of Tsushima have been discovered in the Netflix app by a dataminer. These long-winded UX solutions might look complex and demand a lot of time and effort to be implemented.

Leaks pointing to a PlayStation and Netflix game streaming collaboration could be exactly what Sony needs to challenge Microsoft’s Game Pass. The accuracy of this ‘value’ you assign your customer can vary depending on the approach you take – more specifically, how in-depth you go with the analysis of the customer data. At the same time, under Social Settings, you can see if you have ever logged into Netflix using Facebook – a service the streaming provider no longer offers – and remove your account if so. If you share a Netflix account with a partner, flatmate or family member, you will each be able to see what the other is watching. In addition, if you request a download of your data, you can obtain their information – but they can’t ask Netflix for a copy of their own data unless their profile is connected to a separate email address. There’s more to come in the future, too; we already know there’s aBeyond Good & Evilproject in the works, as well as a Splinter Cell anime series from John Wick’s writer coming to Netflix, and more besides.

But now, after centuries of servitude, Renfield is finally ready to see if there’s a life away from The Prince of Darkness. With an experience of over a decade in User Experience, Bansi Mehta is the Founder & CEO of Koru UX Design. Collectively, her team provides exceptional UX for enterprise applications and complex systems, working with clients ranging from healthcare giants to boutique investment banks. The seemingly sophisticated product by Verizon brilliantly illustrates how telecom companies can benefit from added value integration.

The exact date of the Netflix Gaming service is still unknown, but based on gathered leaks posted by the data miners, it is possible that it will be released in early 2022. This is not the first deal between the two major companies, as both Netflix and Sony agreed on a deal earlier this year that Sony Picture Entertainment movies will be available to Netflix right after their theatrical run. He also showed the placement of PlayStation IP within the system that suggests a collaborative approach, according to IGN. Last April, Sony and Netflix signed licensing deal where Netflix would be given first access to new releases after their theatrical releases. Films included were Morbius, Uncharted, Where the Crawdads Sing, Bullet Train,along with sequels to the Spider-verse movie and the upcoming Spider-man movie. Now, the rumour mill is stirred even further as images have surfaced that could indicate a collaboration between Netflix and PlayStation.

Netflix launching with an array of Sony exclusives would surely put a feather in its cap over the likes of Xbox Game Streaming and Google Stadia. For several months now rumours have been circulating that media streaming giant Netflix is looking to make a move into the gaming industry. Back in May, reports claimed that Netflix intends to launch a video game subscription service in the near future. Last week, the company made a big hire in the form of Mike bdo upgrading fishing rod Verdu – he’s a former EA executive who previously oversaw operations in Facebook’s Oculus VR department. Rumors about Netflix getting into gaming have been circulating for quite some time — back in May, the rumor was that Netflix was pitching its gaming service to people in the gaming industry in the hopes of recruiting veterans to work on it. Allegedly one of the people who’s now working on the Netflix gaming initiative is former EA exec Mike Verdu.

Marketing can use a CLV to determine what people are most likely to pay high premiums and not claim – they can use this information to spend their time acquiring customers that will bring the business money. Customer service can use the CLV to know what existing customers are most important to keep happy (e.g. call queue prioritisation) because they have the best lifetime value. And finally, finance and risk can use the predicted CLV to understand how many customers on a given plan or subscription are likely to be around next year. As Moser himself suggests, this discovery could suggest a collaboration between Netflix and Sony on the former’s developing gaming service. A deal was struck this year where Sony Pictures Entertainment movies will be added to Netflix first after their theatrical release.