In the Netherlands, where the average income per capita is similar to that of Sweden and Austria, the market share of organic vegetables is only 5%. The reasons behind this are not clear, but it is likely related to supermarkets’ decisions on the category, price, availability, jay leno political party and quality of conventional vegetables, as well as cultural factors. Spain imported $511 million of dog and cat food products in 2021, up 27 percent from the previous year. Additionally, dog and cat food imports have had consistent growth for the last 5 years.

In the United Kingdom, the countries that receive the most Premium vegetables from Spain are Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. Of the provinces characterized as orchards, the largest in extension and production is Almería, being a leading province in the export of Premium vegetables. Another region responsible for citrus production in the country is the region north of Valencia, Castellón, which generates 25% of Spanish citrus exports. Half of the countries in the top ten importers of vegetables to Spain were outside the European Union. In fact, the highest import value was from Morocco, with over 376 million U.S. dollars of vegetables exported to Spain. France and the Nederlands followed the north-African country in the list.

Using customer first policy and we take great pride and pleasure by satisfying our customers to the maximum. We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality products, and most reliable services. We are fully equipped to handle the smallest to largest of orders, however, all orders are treated with the same exceptional services. On product per se, your strongest competition will come from Spanish produce. For example, when Spanish consumers can choose between imported mandarins and sweet Spanish peaches, they will invariably choose the latter and the mandarins will not sell.

Currently, vegetables are one of the biggest strengths at the level of agricultural products, from which many inhabitants live. And like every market, it will always be changing and giving new information constantly. The Spanish fruit marketplace will not stop growing, but always without leaving aside the provision of worldwide quality products. Actually, this group of vegetables includes the majority of the greenhouse vegetables, however, not all of them. It is also worth noting that other species of these vegetables are grown in this area and also have different production periods. Additionally it is known that this company is at all times growing potatoes during the majority of the 12 months of the entire year, so it is always in constant production for export.

Local grocer ‘Bora & Sons’, a fruit and veg retailer, displays many varieties of tomatoes frpm Italy, France, the Netherlands, and England outside… Local grocer ‘Bora & Sons’, a fruit and veg retailer, displays its produce outside its high street business on Lordship Lane in East Dulwich, on 25th… On the other hand, papaya falls into this category being the only organic fruit that grows all 12 months of the entire year. Of course, as in every international market, the fruit market in Spain has also presented ups and downs, and also constant economic alterations. Add vegetables with a Spanish stamp to your meals, and you will not only enjoy a perfect flavor, but also how your wellbeing will be substantially improved due to the quality of these.

We have 20 years experience shipping by ground, air and sea-container.

An estimated 70% of all vegetables grown in the world are sold as whole fresh vegetables. This market is still on the increase, mainly outside of the US and the EU. Processing of vegetables is a good way to prevent wastage, but global consumption of preserved vegetables has decreased over the last decade. At the same time, demand for frozen vegetables has increased by an average of 1% per year. Demand trends seem most favourable for vegetables that are convenient to eat and prepare and/or do well on media because of considered health effects or their visual appeal. Despite the supply chain issues, Spanish beer imports reached $382 million from all sources in 2021, up 13 percent from the previous year.

Countries, including the United States, regulate the action level of aflatoxin concentration in domestic and imported foods. The EU, however, has set a maximum level for aflatoxin lower than that of the United States, which poses challenges for U.S. pistachio exporters. We are passionate foodie people who offer the best possible fruits and vegetables to our partners. Our strict quality-control system guarantee our clients the best quality on all our products. Prices of fresh fruit and vegetables are likely to remain relatively stable in Spain.

We are proud to grow with the most strict food safety values utilizing integrated crop. Mayorazgo Export offers an extensive calendar of availability of the best fresh fruits and vegetables for import. In this document you can consult the availability of each product according to the month of the year. Once collected and packaged, we send the product the same day by air or ground to the client’s country. Mayorazgo Export is in charge of fulfilling all the procedures and permits for the import of fresh fruits and vegetables according to the regulations of the importing country. The company imports fruits and vegetables from all over the world and supply it to your esteemed firm at a reasonable price.

For these consumers, there is a strong perception of quality difference in taste, healthiness and freshness. Spain is an important producing country and therefore a popular place for large buyer groups with regional sourcing activities. Several European retail chains have central purchasing centres in Spain, such as Socomo , one of the leading buyers and exporters of Spanish fruit and vegetables. German companies are also present, including the Metro group with their Valencia Trading Office, Rewe with the Eurogroup España and Edeka with their Fruchtkontor España. Especially the younger generations prefer the convenience of supermarkets when purchasing fresh fruit and vegetables. Mercadona is the leading supermarket in Spain with a market share of 25.8%.