In standard scan mode, the Craftsman located some copper pipe, which was odd, but the pipe was too narrow to be a stud and the device never registered a center. Similarly, it detected black pipe in metal mode. Bosch’s GMS120 is much more than a stud finder .

She even took time to tighten a dripping tap handle under my sink. Freshly painted walls may be difficult to scan for up to two to three weeks, due to the moisture in the paint. Apply some painter’s tape over the area you want to scan. It’ll give you a surface on which to mark your findings without having to write on the wall.

Currently, we have an active service contract with Ensor Plumbing. But, even if we didn’t, we wouldn’t hesitate to contact them for future work. In fact, two days ago someone asked us if we knew of a good plumber in the Marriottsville area – and without hesitation, we referred them to Ensor Plumbing. Ryobi’s Whole Stud Detector lives up to its name.

Investigated the drain and pipe in the craw space. Diagnosed a vent problem and or partial clogged drain. And I agreed to have vent and drain snaked. Jeff arrived and promptly diagnosed the problem. He cleaned a buildup of white material from the pilot nozzle and from the main gas inlet. Additionally, he diagnosed a problem with a new kitchen faucet and demonstrated how to obtain a repair kit from the manufacturers web site for subsequent replacement.

In its most primitive form, a stud finder can simply be a magnet. Although, in this case, it should really be called a screw or nail finder. Magnetic stud finders will help you locate the fasteners that attach drywall to the studs. Since fasteners may be spaced over a foot apart on a single stud, so it may take longer to positively locate one with a magnetic stud finder.

Contacted Ensor about installation of a gas line. Jason was very pleasant, professional and answered all our questions. They gave us a what we considered to be a very fair estimate based on others we received. We are scheduled to have the work done in the next few weeks.

The guys were very nice although they did suggest a water softener for $6800 before doing the water analysis which determined it was not needed. When I looked up prices this seemed way beyond appropriate cost. In harry potter name generator addition, the price to fix the faucet seemed outrageously expensive. For this reason I will likely not use again. My recommendation would be to shop around and look for individual plumbers who are less expensive.

And where you detect a stud specifically, scan above and below that point to make sure it continues to the floor or ceiling. Other readings, not at regular intervals, could be wiring, plumbing, or ductwork. Removed the old one and fitted new all in under an hour, came at short notice and was extremely courteous and professional. Paperwork and safety certificate all sent through electronically the same day. Great service at reasonable cost, will definitely use again.

Would recommend MLTwithout hesitation . When snaking the drain didn’t work, the first technician suggested a high-pressure hose to avoid using a larger-diameter snake and possibly damaging the pipe. They had to come back the next day and it cost more, but it worked really well. Everyone was very pleasant and professional.