Your goal is along the river of rot in the south of the Grand Cloister. Look for a coffin perched at the top of a waterfall (rotfall?). Rest in the coffin, and you’ll be transported to a new area and a boss fight. Once Radahn is defeated, a star will fall into Limgrave, opening a new entrance to Nokron a little south of Mistwood Ruins.

You can also find the Oracle Bubbles Sorcery – the one bit of noteworthy loot in this area – if you’re willing to do some platforming. You’ll need to make your way to the high ground southeast of the ruins where you’ll find some ruin walls you can jump on. Climb atop the ruins and work your way across to the northwest, then follow the edge of the ruins southwest and finally southeast to reach a balcony. The Siofra River Well can be found by following the road south, then southwest from the Third Church of Marika. As you enter the Mistwood, keep your eyes to the left and look out for the Minor Erdtree. “Minor” in this case is somewhat subjective, as the massive golden tree makes an obvious landmark.

Heading here will allow you to take one of Elden Ring’s many lifts all the way down to one of Elden Ring’s many underground ruins. Down there you’ll find Blaidd again, and he’ll tell you a bit more about Nokron, ballon names but he still doesn’t know how to get there. A small-town Canadian with a passion for writing, gaming, and animals. What started with creative writing blossomed into sharing her gaming passion with the world.

If you’ve been here before, you were only able to fight Preceptor Miriam and collect some gooides. This time, though, walk forward and examine the pedestal in front of the globe right there in the main hall. If it’s your first visit, you’ll have to make your way past a lot of poisonous flowers and defeat a Mad Pumpkin Head.

You’re likely to find some things for Fia’s questline as you work with Blaidd, so follow our guide to her quest as well. Blaidd’s Royal Greatsword is a good choice of Strength/Intelligence builds, so make sure it’s up to snuff with our Bell Bearing guide. We’re not even close to being done with Elden Ring, so be sure to check our guides hub often for new info. It’s not an easy fight, but if you defeat him, you’ll receive his armor and greatsword.