You also need to offer returns and free shipping to give yourself an added boost in eBay search. Below we’ve listed some duplicate accounts which have been buying and selling on eBay way again to 2008. Some of those sellers have been reported to eBay but no motion has been taken against them. UK Sellers can register multiply accounts utilizing different contact details with made up company names as a end result of eBay has no business verification process for UK sellers. But you, as a seller, ought to already know if you have any duplicate listings and sort them out. We are listing GTC items to multiple worldwide websites while continuing to offer delivery from the UK listings as well .

There have been reviews from sellers whose ended duplicate listings mechanically relisted. Typically, these sellers had used third-party listing tools to launch their objects, and those tools were mechanically relisting the gadgets. In one case, a vendor had listed a couple of take a look at items on a service and had subsequently deserted the service. But, because their account was nonetheless alive, when they tried to end listings months later, these listings kept coming again. When it involves auctions you’re allowed to have as many auctions for the same product as you want. Some patrons might select to bid on an open listing as opposed to a list which already has bids so there isn’t any harm in placing up duplicate auction listings, and it really might help you sell more.

Ensure your listing title is not longer than the utmost allowed size. Please be certain that the required itemizing length is legitimate for the chosen itemizing sort and class. You have to listing your multi-SKU product as a new Item as a substitute of relisting/revising an existing non-multi-SKU Item.

Maybe its just a quantity of completely different sellers sharing a VAT number. We reported this vendor to HMRC VAT Fraud team in 2014. Sure, I still see a lot of duplicate listings on eBay so their algorithm is not that smart/accurate.

My sales have been gradual on ebay recently however i simply put this right down to the summer season so im not sure whether or not i have been discovered. Generally, i comply with each rule going and don’t try to beat them so simply wish to do the best thing. Yes, unfortunately that’s the means it is… They only discover & punish small fraction of sellers/duplicate listings creating an un-fair competition on the market. The duplicate listings algorithm is an automatic course of, not manual one and from what I truly have seen thus far, particular person reviews to eBay, from one seller, does not lead to any action from eBay side.

You could have created a new product that has some similarities on title, value, description and so forth and eBay thinks it might be a replica. Keep on high of eBay’s prohibited itemizing insurance policies to ensure that your merchandise remain compliant, and don’t assume that allowance of an item on one market signifies that it’s allowed on others. Also, be positive that the itemizing itself doesn’t infringe on any mental property rights by using your individual descriptions and images. A massive variety of sellers sell products on our site, and having this policy implies that no single seller may be the level of interest within the search outcomes and that everyone has a chance to sell.

But when you cancel all three individual listings and create ONE with 3 variations, there’s no problem with duplicate listing policy as you’ve already ended these three duplicates. Check our duplicate listings coverage for examples of how these rules apply to various itemizing situations, particularly the application of the policy across accounts. It’s additionally necessary to notice that there are some exceptions for compatibility in Consumer Electronics and Motors Vehicles Parts and Accessories. Please see the duplicate listings policy for specific details.

It may help PushAuction customers to search out listings that may violate eBay’s duplicate listings coverage. De-listing is unhealthy information on your time, gross sales, popularity, and competitiveness. You can disguise the additional WooCommerce products simply by setting their visibility to hidden.

If the original item was not listed as a Multi-SKU item, you can’t change it to be a Multi-SKU merchandise throughout relist . You will need to create a new listing as a Multi-SKU merchandise. This item petco dog grooming southington can’t be accessed as a result of the listing has been deleted, is a itemizing, or you are not the vendor. They will “punish” your different listings too and lower their search positions.

EBay will know and your listings will suffer as a result. And can very often lead to account and itemizing suspensions. It happens when too many enterprise listings are displayed for a similar site or the same platform. One listing with title “NEW 19 inch USB Cable for Nokia N80 ie N80 Internet Ed.”