Hello everyone,In today’s tiktok tutorial I’ll show you guys how to edit a beer poster using iphone / android phone using PicsArt app in t… The beer poster trend is going viral on TikTok right now. Here’s what it means and how to do it. Now you can download the image by clicking “export” and selecting the format you want to use.

There are a number of ways for one to do this trend. However, the most popular one right now is using the PicsArt app. Below are the steps you need to follow to do the trend. For instance, some decided to make a poster with their significant other’s favorite car while the others decided to hop on the trend even if they are not dating anyone. Overall, there is no doubt the poster trend has become the new buzz on the platform. Add in any extra stickers you want to, and play around with the filters and effects until you have an image you’re happy with.

Summer is in full swing and it’s the perfect time to crack open a cold one. The beer-poster trend is basically turning any of your favoruite summer type picture – you in a swimsuit or bikini or just a sultry photo of yourself – into a beer poster ad. As we know, beer ads have always been famous for including girls in bikinis having fun in their posters, so this is kinda like that, but you create it on your own. The aesthetics of it relies on doing the trend and posting everywhere for clout. Some girls go as far as to print the poster so they can gift it to their boyfriends.

TikTok trends aren’t exactly easy to explain – but we’ll try our best. The TikTok beer poster trend is a photo challenge that’s going super-viral right now. All you have to do is edit your “summer” picture to make it look like a beer ad. It began with a few people creating these posters to gift them to their significant others.

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