You can use the variety of animations that exist for the reward. You can edit the properties of animations to your liking. It has a unique medalla light near me and fantastic re-roll system that will impress your players. If you have any payment problems, please open a ticket on the discord server.

Enter the options menu for your crate, then click the “Keys” option. From here, enter the ID for your key, or select one of the suggested values in the chat. The config.yml file has a few options that allow you to customize your key items & crate modes . This plugin is wonderful and has excellent features that made my server amazing. Ten out of ten agree Everything can be done in-game, with the exception of custom gui layouts, but that is at least possible in the plugin files.

To define a crate, add a key crates.yourcratename. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Cratesplus.admin – Access to all /crate commands. You will then be prompted to enter a unique crate identifier, which is its ID.

The developer is also a pleasant man, and my players adore this plugin alot. Phoenix Plugins is a very unique crates plugin with exceptional animations that will take your server to another level. With this plugin your server will stand out from your competition. If none of the plugin commands seem to be working, try to use the /plugins command from in-game. If no plugins are listed, ExcellentCrates has not been installed correctly. Return to the FTP File Access and ensure that the both .jar files have been uploaded directly into the plugins folder.

Enter any name you deem applicable, such as “Test”, in the chat bar. Once entered, your new crate will now be available within the GUI menu. This plugin provides ability to use 17 animations which can be customized to look differently than they originally come out of the box.

It works similarly to Archon and Cosmic’s Supply Drop/Envoy plugin! You will only use it on servers you are owner of. You will not post this plugin for download anywhere.

The review section is not for support, so please if you need support go to the discord server and report it there. /magiccrates editor – magiccrates.admin

That’s right, you can use the plugin as previously mentioned, this plugin does not depend on any other plugin… But that if, depending on the type of chest that you choose for the crate, it will be the one that will appear in the vanilla “animation”. I ve been using the plugin for almost a month now and my players just love it. I ve never had any serious issues with the plugin, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good money plugin. Pick from a variety of chromatic aberration settings to add unique colors to your light rays.

From the crates manager, select your specific crate to open the editor menu. These will have a large amount of options to modify to your liking. This is useful for adding animations, the rewards, and other aesthetics. Some additional options will be available, but they will require extra plugins such as Holographic Displays or Citizens. Phoenix Crates is one of the most exclusive and unique crate plugin you can find on the market. With a super customized animation system that allows more than 120 combinations of animations, we also support customized models and customized items.