The UCSC Computer Science and Engineering Department also offers a professional MS degree in Natural Language Processing. This program offers in-depth coursework in natural language processing, machine learning and data science. Please note that professional degrees have higher fees than regular graduate programs. Please check the Registrar’s website for the most recent tuition and fee information. Courses that are taken to satisfy an undergraduate degree requirement cannot be counted toward the M.S.

The only difference is that the first week is for basic level questions and the second week is more advanced. I feel like there is this idea that computer science courses are less technical than other courses, and that you can learn a lot more of the same information in other courses. But it has nothing to do with the quality of the courses. To rank in U.C.S.C. computer science courses, you have to be in a class with a group of people that are all extremely high-performing. Students are admitted to UCSC with a “proposed major” in most cases, and later petition to officially declare the major. Admission to UCSC does not guarantee acceptance into a particular major.

This policy includes courses required for the computer science majors but sponsored by other departments. Introduces modern game theory, including applications in social science, biology, and engineering. Topics include extensive form, strategic form, mixed strategies, incomplete information, repeated games, evolutionary games, and simulation techniques. Although the course may be repeated for credit, not every degree program will accept a repeated course towards degree requirements.

Enrollment is restricted to graduate students; undergraduates may enroll if they have completed CSE 120 and with consent of instructor. A basic knowledge of computer architecture, similar to the content of CSE 120, is recommended. Concepts, approaches, tools, ucsc cs requirements and methodology of database design. Students that have taken and passed CSE 180 cannot receive credit for CSE 182. Introduction to software development in Python focusing on structuring software in terms of objects endowed with primitive operations.

Frosh who intend to pursue this major should do the following things prior to the beginning of fall term… The GPA of all lower-division foundation courses attempted must be at least 3.0. The Computer Science Department at UCSC offers both a master’s program and a doctoral program in computer science, as well as a master’s in games and playable media. The DC Requirement in computer science (B.S.) is satisfied by completing CMPS 115, CMPS 195, Computer Engineering 185, CMPS 132 and 132W, CMPS 185, or CMPS 180 and 180W. These courses may also fulfill one of the upper-division electives listed above. Any 5-credit upper-division course from the Division of Physical and Biological Sciences except those numbered 190 and above.

Successful completion of the dissertation fulfills the final academic requirement for the Ph.D. degree. Students interested in the major should pay special attention to the overlap between general education requirements and major requirements, as the major covers up to six general education requirements. Enrollment is restricted to graduate students; undergraduates may enroll with permission of instructor.

A student lacking one foundation course may be admitted if they have completed at least one of CMPE 12/L or Physics 5A/L. It is highly recommended that all transfer students in computer science complete these two courses prior to admission. Electives below, including at least one upper-division computer science and engineering course numbered below 170, or numbered between 180 and 189, or CSE 195. Once advanced to candidacy, each student writes a Ph.D. dissertation which must be submitted to the reading committee at least one month prior to the dissertation defense. The dissertation must show the results of in-depth research, be an original contribution of significant knowledge, and include material worthy of publication.