It’s not too tricky and it doesn’t take very long at all. The striped section of the blanket is a mix of single crochet and half double crochet that you can work in whatever colour sequence you like. I am addicted to making blankets and I think much of the appeal lies in finding a pattern that delivers a huge amount of feel good throughout the making process. The big twist crochet patterns very act of crocheting row upon neat row of glorious colour is so therapeutic and relaxing that I never want it to end. Having said that though, it is pretty fabulous to end up with a beautiful blanket at the end of the journey. Today I want to share a pattern with you for a crocheted blanket that my family’s now enjoyed in our living room for quite some time.

If the edges of your blanket are too uneven for your taste, feel free to wash and block your blanket according to your particular yarn label. I myself did not do this with my blanket. When you reach the beginning of your border, slip stitch to close the round, ch1, and begin row 2. Yarn over and draw through all 6 loops, ch1 to close the star and form the “eye.” Continue in this same way until the end. Don’t leave your ends unwoven til the very end, or you’ll never want to do them! I suggest doing them after about every 6 – 8 rows.

I feel it should be pointed out on the web-site that this may not be understood by British crochet knitters. Hmm, the blanket is naturally somewhat uneven on the sides due to the different stitch patterns but is usually fixed by both the border at the end and blocking. I love how you showed how to crochet each row step-by-step and even numbering the stitches. I’m attempting to crochet a small project and having these guides would help so much. I knit more than crochet so the tips are needed. Thanks for taking the time to show your process.

Can you tell me if the kit for the stripes and colours blanket will be coming back in stock as it has sold out and I would love to complete it. So, in the stripes & colours blanket kit you have the option to choose whether you like to order it with or without a cotton bag. As this kit is now available for a SPECIAL launching price, the bag is given almost for free – so this is a very good opportunity to include it in the kit.

It uses the simplest of crochet stitches in a front and back loop combination to get the most wonderful textured blanket to keep little ones cozy and warm. With easy stripes and challenging colorwork, this Nordic-inspired crochet blanket has enough variation to keep you interested as you work. I’m frustrated and can’t figure out what’s wrong. I then DC across row 28 and wound up with more than I started with by 34 stitches. Exactly the number of bobbles in the row. I have 9 stitches between each bobble except on the ends where theres 8.

I just did whatever worked out to get the pattern looking OK but in the end row 31 does not look good at all. I had so much trouble with row 12 as well. I somehow just played around with it and did my own thing trying to get eight stitches in each Group.

This Crochet Rainbow Striped Blanket is a new and fun way to use the classic moss stitch. Whether you use this blanket as a Rainbow Baby blanket or you just want a bit of color; the Rainbow Stripe Blanket is sure to fit your needs. A beautiful blanket with the clearest instructions I have ever seen. I also had trouble with the ripple stitch – row 31 did not work out number wise for me which threw off the number of stitches in row 32 and 33.

Most of our patterns are beginner friendly. You can chain any multiple of 4+7 to start. Because I was making this blanket for a guy, I went ahead and used the yarn colors Grand Canyon and Mammoth Cave that were show in the pattern. However, there are so many amazing color options to choose from. It’s also really important to look for a yarn that gives great stitch definition for this pattern. The textured stitch patterns that it uses looks at their best when the yarn shows it off.

Am making a doll version 😉 to see if I could do it, and I can. With new color, dc across as instructed in the original Catharine wheel instructions. You might want to count your stitches here, just to be safe. Using another color that you have a lot of, repeat the three rows of the bobble pattern. Hi there, you can make this blanket bigger by following the multiple, which is 2. So you can make your foundation chain however long you would like, just make sure it’s a multiple of 2.

This blanket is crocheted entirely with half double crochet stitches worked in spaces between the hdc stitches of previous row. Follow the pattern as written, using the color indicated for each row. You can easily adjust the size of your blanket by crocheting for more rows or fewer rows and by adding stitches to the original chain. Feel free to choose any three colors that you like for your blanket! In order to make this blanket wider, you may begin with a longer chain using any stitch count. To make it longer, you may consider adding another repeat of the striping pattern.