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Cheers in different languagesBefore you travel somewhere new, why not learn a new way to say cheers in the language of your destination? You’ll fit right in at the table and maybe even make a few new friends. Raising a glass for a toast is a universal experience, but it comes in many different languages. In the United States and the United Kingdom, we say “Cheers!

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You can read the best ways to wish someone happy birthday in Italian here. A personalised news feed of stories that matter to you. I knew a few Laura but did not know Thailand’s. I guess we were always drinking water there to dehydrate from the oppressive humidity LOL.

It is okay to break this particular rule, but you must refrain from clinking glasses in front of everyone. The toast can only be started by the dinner host. Traditionally, on one’s birthday, the birthday person will deliver a speech of thanks or address the group for applause. When making a toast is a good idea in both formal and informal occasions, these phrases can come in handy. Use one of the following expressions to grab everyone’s attention before making a toast. This culture has been embraced by the rest of the world, and now it would be unusual to attend a party where wine was not served.

This word can also be incorporated into songs in such settings. There are numerous ways to say cheers in Italian. The words you use are determined by the context.

Birthdays – Buon Compleanno or Auguri/Auguroni . “Tanti Auguri a Te” is the Italian version of the Happy Birthday Song. Salute means health and it is used when Italians make a toast. You can also say salute when someone sneezes, to wish someone good health, or if someone has done something impressive. As Italians like to party, you may find yourself at an Italian wedding, and of course, you may want to know what to say.

If you sneezed in public in Italy recently, or were raising glasses of wine with friends while out to dinner, you likely heard the word salute. Rather than toasting with each visitor, the most common technique of toasting is for everyone to clink glasses in the center of the table. Saying “cheers” is subject to several rules in Italy.

So in honor of NYE, we rounded up 13 different “cheers”-style greetings from across the globe. While they all don’t literally translate to “bottoms up,” most are the go-to drink-clinking greeting for their respective region. From an old-school Spanish “salud” to a typical Korean toast, read ahead to see how to say “cheers” in 10 different languages. “Salute” is the more formal way of making a toast and, similar to other languages, it literally means to your health. In some situations, touching glasses is not necessary when using this term.