They are also subject to damage goods inside your property or residence. I took advantage of an Angie’s Coupon for this company we we hired Connor’s based on needing a contractor to address routine pest service and a vsilverfish problem. Replacing Western after many years of having services performed over 20 years. He does a great job and aims to please his customers. They offer great quarterly deals and go the extra mile, like sweeping the eves each time they come out. Jose is so punctual and kind, checking in before our scheduled appt and quick to respond to any questions.

I explained it’s a rental unit and I’m the owner and asked for the person to call me after the consultation to talk about the mothe problem and was told that would absolutely happen. Instead, my tenanats paid $350 for I don’t know what the invoice gives no description. So not only did they not call, they went ahead without my agreement really and treated the moth problem. I expected more from Angie’s List A-rated service. Bottom line, moth issue is gone, but I still don’t know what I paid for, what the problem was, or who even came to my house. And the price was not what I was told it would be, nor did I agree to pay it.

Whatever your pest or termite needs are, O’Connor Pest Control is committed to eliminating your pest or termite issue. To combat these invasions, check your exterior walls for light or air flow tifton junking coming through cracks. Patching holes and installing crawl space barriers in homes with crawl spaces, should keep unwanted pests at bay, and also offer the added benefit of conserving energy.

The manager basically started to complain how short staffed they are and told me he would send him on Friday. I’ve canceled my service and couldn’t be happier to ditch such horrible service. All of our pest control services are backed by a 100% guarantee. If pests return, give us a call as we offer free re-treatments to make it right. The merger with Connor’s adds nearly 100 new full-time employees to the Rentokil Steritech team, including 53 technician specialists. Founded in 1974, Connor’s brings its well respected residential and commercial capabilities to Rentokil Steritech.

If your exterior is weather-conditioned and sealed against the elements, pests will have a difficult time getting inside. We will document all pests present and all damages they may have caused. Make recommendations on removal of current pests and prevention of any future pest infestations. By removing pests and future infestations we will guarantee a safer property for employees and residents. Our experience with their service has been great. They are good about communication and prompt with appointments.