This study has described in detail the logogenesis of the unfolding texts in the online discussions of a postgraduate TESOL class. The most astonishing and complex organism on earth – the human body – is explored in this dynamic new series. A dazzling array of specialist photography and state-of-the-art digital illustration reveals the secrets of human biology in breathtaking detail. Incorporating the very latest medical research, this groundbreaking series provides a compelling guide to what makes us work, from our heartbeat to brain cells. Feature spreads take an in-depth look at a wide range of subjects, including the invisible creatures that set up home on our skin and the amazing scanning techniques doctors use to peer inside the body.

It’s an experience mirrored in the corporate world, where lasting value matters more than a moment of success. Experiences we gained along the way, moments we were tested, and relationships we built add meaning to the medal, says Cath. She and Orla Leonard, a team performance specialist at RHR International, bring a sporting lens to team culture and explore how collaborative, cooperative, experimental team dynamics boost rather than diminish competitiveness. As the line between authentic corporate leadership and personal life blurs, how should CEOs balance the two? In this episode, Melissa Smith, chair and CEO of global commerce platform, WEX, talks to RHR International’s Lisa Carey about bringing your whole self to work. Because CEOs are increasingly expected to have an opinion on issues that weren’t even on the radar 10 years ago, how should they decide when to take a stance?

This fundamental system operates across all areas of the body and these are explored in turn. Along the way, the reader is shown how limbs move, why exercise is vital to keep our muscles and catwoman ideas joints in good working order, and how bones heal themselves. A holiday to a tiny village in Gujarat, gave 40-year-old Talwar an idea she wondered why no one else had thought of before.

What it was like for her to create and develop a thriving dance organization with an active dance company and an education arm that reaches into dozens of NYC public schools. This course increased preclinical medical students’ knowledge of ophthalmic surgery and suggests that flexible preclinical electives can help medical students explore clinical interests and career choices earlier in their medical education. A data assimilation system has been developed for the operational circulation model of the German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency in order to improve the forecast of hydrographic characteristics in the North and Baltic Seas. It is based on the local Singular Evolutive Interpolated Kalman filter algorithm and assimilation of the NOAA AVHRR-derived sea surface temperature . The DA system allows one to improve the agreement of the SST forecast with the satellite observations by 27% on average over the period of October 2007–September 2008.

In this episode, RHR Senior Partner David Astorino speaks to Lindsay about the value of spending time with different people, about being present, and about how we can allow space for others without limiting our own space. As Artistic Director of Dalton-Hartel Dance and Hartel Dance Group, he toured nationally and internationally to critical acclaim. His choreography has been presented on five continents and at prestigious festivals, including in Italy at The Vignale Dance Festival, The Florence Dance Festival, and the Versiliana Festival.