If you’re partial to a delicious body scrub or five, you can’t miss with this sweet smelling delight from Drunk Elephant. An indulgent mix of almond milk, sweet almond and jojoba oils melt into the skin while coffee seed extracts work as a physical exfoliant to say ‘hasta la vista’ to dead skin cells. If you tend to get ingrown hairs on your thighs or bikini line, invest in a scrub packed with sugar, which is much gentler on sensitive areas than microbeads or pumice.

White noted the product’s gentle ingredients are specifically formulated for use on pubic hair and those with sensitive skin. However, some people may have an adverse reaction to certain ingredients, even if they’re natural, so always do a patch test on your arm first. Many ingrown hairs will resolve over time without treatment. It is often best to let them heal on their own and take preventive steps. Once we narrowed down our options, we compared each treatment’s benefits to its price tag.

It even contains lactic acid to prevent pores and hair follicles from becoming clogged. This topical solution uses salicylic acid and sea buckthorn oil to address existing bumps, ingrown hairs, standard air hockey table size and razor burn while preventing more from forming. We recommend keeping an eye out for products that contain these two acids to help minimize inflammation and redness in the affected area.

Lucky for you, we’re having the long-overdue talk on everything about ingrown hair. So, scroll ahead to know the causes and treatments for ingrown hair. For on-the-spot action, look no further than Flamingo’s Ingrown Spot Treatment.

“Areas on the body with thicker hairs, such as the beard area or bikini area, are particularly prone to ingrown hairs, especially in those with curly hair types,” Robinson says. The brand which made the skincare community go wild has been officially launched in India. And everyone knows if you want something to treat your major body acne and strawberry legs, KP, you got to try this product. This chemical exfoliator is absolutely gorgeous and result driven. You’ll want Tend Skin Solution on your side in the battle against razor bumps.

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Using shaving cream or gel can help to prevent ingrown hairs. This ingredient is included in a lot of ingrown hair products, but those with sensitive skin should be wary of its effects. If the product you’re using is irritating your skin, stop using the treatment and contact your dermatologist. Chemical exfoliators like glycolic or salicylic acid are very useful in treating ingrown hairs as well. “These exfoliators dissolve connections between cells on the surface of the skin to prevent hairs from becoming trapped,” says Dr. Zeichner. Whether you’re currently dealing with ingrowns or are generally prone to post-shaving irritation — have no fear.