I still love these dolls (Shola, Consuelo, & Lilian in particular) and will probably make some more appropriate clothes. As I read your review, I really enjoyed seeing these two dolls from your perspective. You seem to come at these gals from a place of deep respect, with a keen awareness of what a cultural doll can mean to society. While I came at Shola from a more emotional, much less rational angle, I appreciated hearing your experience with her. I just love Mosi for her sweet face and crazy-soft hair. I stopped reading her story when I got to the cringeworthy bit about Warrior the Pony.

As I said, I was disappointed and resigned by the plastic feather. But the way it was attached was even more souring. I can see young girls struggling when taking out the feather and getting frustrated when it isn’t easily put back in. A simple small hair clip would have been perfect. Mosi comes with a bracelet–blue and black charms, not much different than Shola’s–a blue comb that found its way into the storage bin right alongside everyone else’s, and a booklet with her story.

I have no idea why, as the line seemed to be doing pretty well. In late 2016, the brand was relaunced by MPA sales. The dolls were mostly sold online this time, with much less success than their first run — from what I can tell.

Dell has soft, curly hair and dresses in denim shorts, a flower-patterned top, and a camouflage hat. She comes with a friendship bracelet fit for a young girl and a comb. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. After Lauryce, the rest of my H4H dolls came from Value Village. A few years after H4H dolls stopped being sold in stores, people started growing out of / getting tired of theirs and donating them.

Human hair can recover from plastic if it breaks, but doll hair can’t. I instead use wire wig brushes such as the ones American Girl sells, and replace them when they break from use. I also use mild braid sheen spray or spray in leave in conditioners, which helps keep synthetic hair soft and silky. They all are beautiful with striking features and look sweet. But if I have to choose just one it would be Mosi. They are all gorgeous dolls, but Dell and Nahji are my favorite.

The pacifiers are Part of the Mon Grand Poupon Corolle collection of dolls, fashions and accessories designed for caring for baby doll like real parents. This set of 2 pacifiers is essential to stop the tears and soothe a favorite 14″-17″ Mon Grand Poupon Corolle baby doll. The images represent actual product though color of the image and product may slightly differ. Dell is a cheerful girl from the heart of the Appalachians in Kentucky. She shares joy through her music and knitting blankets for those in need.

Children as young as three and four can be taught to understand another culture–many children of non-western non-white cultures learn from a young age. I learned from a young age to be culturally sensitive. I am not confining a child to an adult perspective by teaching them better that to do something insensitive. I’d rather my child’s imagination be “confined” than to have them perpetuate or be culturally ignorant. A child is capable of learning to be culturally sensitive and not mimic prejudiced play.

She wears a bright embroidered shirt and a lace-trimmed skirt. Your little one will love the included kid-sized friendship bracelet and comb. Knowing that there is always leftover food at the bakery, Consuelo dreams of creating a special cantina in the courtyard so that the children can get something to eat. Each fourteen-inch Hearts for Hearts which domain s includes unicellular orgainsms Girl comes with culturally relevant accessories and a mini-book about their daily lives and their dreams of transforming their communities. Check out some of my favorite Hearts for Hearts Girls and why I love them. The Rahel I finally came across was in pretty good condition, but didn’t come with her meet outfit and had pretty messy hair.

The moment we are born, the human heart becomes vulnerable, suffering becomes inevitable. So, we spend our life seeking strategies to protect and heal our wounded hearts only to fall short again and again, for the pain always seems to resurge no matter what we try. She was desperate and wanted her heart to be safe from all cruellty, but her attempts only brought more anguish to her soul. As Rag Doll’s story unfolds, you will discover the answer to her heartfelt question, and in her discovery, your question will be answered as well. The author, Maggie Simmons, has personally experienced some of the sorrows that Rag Doll encountered. She joyfully discovered too, that her crushed heart and bruised spirit can indeed be healed completely and only by Jesus Christ.

The vivid purple for Tippi brought out her smile, and the angelic white brought out Mosi’s innocence. Most of the games, pictures, and information from the original website are still there. It’s been a while since I’ve visited the original site, so I’m not sure how much is missing. One of the things I miss the most is the “contact us” page from the original site.