Every 2 mins your goal will be to pull 2 mobs together, this will increase your kill time by a lot. As a rogue it’s important you know when to use Evis. If you recently got an Evis upgrade, it is worth using it with just 3 combo points. While if you had sinister strike upgrades recently you should wait for 4-5 combo points. You should also know how to gouge kite while you level as a rogue, this will help to kill harder mobs or elite mobs.

Attack Power – Increases your damage dealt with most of your abilities. When it comes to leveling professions, I recommend Skinning + Herbalism or Mining. Send all of the mats to an alt, then you’ll have most of what you need for any crafting profession you choose .

Subtlety isn’t the best in DPS but it makes up the difference by having better stealth mechanics. This is due to a greater Sap range and reduced Blind cooldowns. The Subtlety leveling skill that is listed below is missing several of the most powerful PvP mechanics in order to make room for others that will accelerate the process of leveling.

Pure fist, mace, and dagger combat builds fall roughly 1-2% behind the sword hybrid builds. Mutilate falls roughly around the same level as combat daggers. Before considering any weapon choices or talent builds, it is worth examining the way weapon specializations and Dual Wield interact with one another.

Many recommend not taking up manufacturing careers . They are extremely expensive to level, and can cause a lot of expenditure. Consider leveling up in gathering occupations such as Herbalism, Skinning or Mining.

Some more questions I am scanning over this one more time before I start to grind up my little rogue and looking over your weapons most of them seem to be stat heavy on str or str stam. Is this along the lines you would suggest for looking to gear for higher base damage or is it just the fact that most one handed blunt tends towards those stats? In short should I be building gear towards higher agil for crit dodge and pary or should i be looking more towards base damage and going for str? I tend towards refijet reviews reddit more of a sword spec myself, purely for aesthetic reasons, but as such will need to know more of what I am looking for stat wise on weapons as well as my general gearing up. My friend plays a combat rogue stacked toward high agil and +crit gear but he is starting to have a hard time now that he has hit 70 and want to try to avoid that if I can as I lvl up myself. It’s simple, with this build, you don’t really care if your main hand weapon is very slow, as long as the weapon damage is high.

The Sap range increase specifically will allow you to safely Sap targets without worrying about being seen. This talent alone can really improve the quality of life while leveling, as you can easily split multi-mob pulls into single pulls. My solution was, NOT to roll rogue for the first. I lvld up a hunter real quick, with skinning+lw, so I can provide gear to my rogue alt while leveling. Also with a lvl 70 char, I have enough gold to afford weapons too. Otherwise you will be stuck with those poor 10-20lvl green items until lvl 60ish.

Get everyone in the mindset that they need to sit and drink and eat the moment they get out of combat because another pull is on its way. Don’t be reckless, just try to be as aggressive as possible. I do warn you though, if you do not have a good, driven group, you will waste an insane amount of time. I do not recommend running instances for many who read this guide.