Shade can be provided in a number of ways but primarily is caused by a forested setting or trees placed in a manner to block some direct sunlight. Trees – Trees are situated close to or around the campsites. These trees may be close enough to require care when maneuvering into and out of the camping spot. This can include scheduled activities, playgrounds, game rooms or simply a family friendly camping environment. If you are looking for a family friendly RV park or campground this one may fit the bill.

But what makes us so special are our videos. For more of a budget option, check out Bryce Canyon Pines, a few miles outside of Bryce Canyon City. This location is slightly less convenient than staying in the town but offers better value.

It was a longer walk to the main washroom or you could use port-a-potty’s at the campsites (for $50 a night I’m not using a port-a-potty). Main washrooms were roomy but the stalls were tight. Shower stalls were only a curtain so not very secure or private. huh token buy People not using the campsite were using the bathrooms/showers during out-of-office hours, showering then leaving. The woman’s washroom was locked by someone between 10pm and 7am and I had to use the men’s washroom with my husband standing guard.

When you visit Bryce Canyon, have cash ready. The entrance fee is $35 per vehicle per week. If you are camping in the park at North Campground or Sunset Campground, each RV site costs $30 per night.

Check in at the Chevron station General store where you can buy wood take showers use flush toilet. Tent camping area is fairly open and there is some highway noise. We stayed here for two nights to get out of the heat. You check in at the Chevron station just next to the campground.