So, my personal advice would be to ignore the Calpheon Rod for now and just use Steel Rods instead. In order to harpoon, you will need either a Thin or Thick Harpoon which can be crafted in Ilyia or bought on the marketplace. You will need to be on a Fishing Boat and you will need to be “in deep water”. I’ve been in spots where my minimap was only showing water and still unable to get a bite for 5+ minutes.

But, the drive for decarbonization will likely seal crude oil’s fate in the long run. Crude oil will only continue to be extracted so long as it is profitable to do so. Sulfur is a big deal as it is very corrosive to steel, which is obviously not good news for equipment like that used in refineries. Sulfur-rich oil is very complex and energy-intensive to process which obviously increases the cost of bringing it to market. Making stuff needs materials, and depending on what we are making, and how much of it, this can consume large amounts of that raw resource. For any product you can think of, somewhere in its supply chain raw materials have been extracted at some point and “used up” in the final product.

It seems that if you catch a blue or higher quality fish, it will always be a harpoon-unique fish. These are all generally worth a lot more than their fishing rod equivalents, but they’re much more rare. Everything I’ve caught that was blue quality or higher was worth at least ~40k or more, but more were between 40k and 50k.

With no crude oil, our species would survive, just as we did before crude oil. Most of the hundreds of thousands of years of existence of human beings transpired without crude slow streaming rivals gain oil, and doubtless, we’d survive in the future without it. With the above being said, it is conceivable that the world could transition away from oil in the long run.

Well, most pharmaceutical medications are created through chemical processes involving organic compounds. Oil is a rich source of organic compounds that are used in the manufacture of drugs. According to some reports, 99 percent of the feedstocks and reagents used in the production of pharmaceuticals come from petrochemical sources. However, since around 50 percent of all oil is used for fuel, potential development solutions are already in place. Nuclear power plants, renewable energy sources, and biofuels already exist and can readily be used to provide heating and power for many nations worldwide. Rising prices and reduced supply and entrepreneurship could possibly get us there if allowed to run their natural course.

It’s pretty simple, BUT do not expect to make more money fishing than you would grinding. When you finally get a full inventory of fish, you will need to go to a trade manager NPC in order to sell them. You can not sell them to normal vendors and you can not sell them on the marketplace unless you dry them by processing them, but this significantly reduces their value. That way you can spend more time fishing and less time travelling. This is also the optimal way to do it if you’re looking to level fishing as fast as possible.

When your inventory is full, you’ll need to visit a Trade Manager and sell your fish in Black Desert Online. © Pearl Abyss © Pearl AbyssFinally, when you return to your character and note their inventory is pretty much full, you’ll need to visit a Trade Manager to sell your fish. On your map, Trade Managers are marked by wheel icons, making them easy to track down. There are several great fishing spots to choose from in Black Desert Online, as each area includes a “Fishing Resource” stat based on how many people are fishing in that particular area. Now it is worth traveling to the nearest trader and not catching 5 or so fish for the 190% more of what you would get to sell fresh fish instead of drying? No, I like viewers to share information amongst themselves and for people to figure out where the fishing hotspots are.

If that same location drops down to exhausted, then it’ll take more like 90 seconds to hook a fish. If you’re in an exhausted location with no + fishing speed… you’ll be there a while. You can fish from any body of water as long as it’s not shallow. Whenever you equip a fishing rod near a suitable water source it will show you the abundance of fish.

While that sounds like quite a lot, estimates of 47 years are based on oil consumption being maintained at around 35 and half billion barrels a year, or 97 million barrels of oil a day. Based on the 2016 world population, that works out at around 5 barrels per person per year, or 0.5 gallons per person, per day. For reference, a barrel of crude oil is about 42 gallons or about 159 liters. Estimating the remaining oil reserves of the planet is notoriously difficult, and frankly, subject to constant change. The reasons for this vary but are primarily dictated by our technological ability to exploit oil reserves in the first place and also the difficulty of estimating future demand. Pedantic perhaps, but always bear in mind that raw resources are only ever changed in form, not destroyed when we use them — from the perspective of the conservation of mass.

It can either be Abundant, Average, Not Enough, or Exhausted. Every spot starts off at Abundant by default, but if a lot of people have been fishing at that spot for several hours, it will eventually become exhausted. The first and most basic thing you’ll need in order to fish is a fishing rod. Even the worst, most basic fishing rods will work, so go on and grab one. You can purchase a rod from a Fish Merchant NPC on your map.