The Stratus 3.0 generator has ozone gas destruction built-in to protect your lungs from lingering gas. Unlike the Promolife kits, SimplyO3 includes a regulator. The main downside is that none of their kits include generators with higher dose options. Even then, the max output I found in other generators is 94 ug/mL, significantly less than Promolife. As an ozone beginner, having a team you can reach out to with questions is a lifesaver. Low-quality products rarely offer dedicated support and complementary education.

This kit can do most protocols, and anything missing you can easily add on via their shop or even upgrade to the Gold Kit. You should expect to pay $600-$1600 for your at-home kit. The cheap stuff doesn’t work as well and fails quickly. Generating significantly different ozone concentrations from what’s stated in their technical specs. The relation between cognition and medical ozone is one of the latest frontiers.

To start the process, we researched and experimented with packing as much ozone into a pill. Through it, we found it was not the ozone that gives benefits to your body but the ozonides. It’s digital, approved by the Russian Federal Service for “Surveillance in Healthcare”, and also certified in Austria. To do that, I had to exchange my name, email, and phone number.

Except the website displayed an error when I tried to enter my +1 USA country code. If you’re looking for a professional ozone generator with lots of features, that’s stood the test of time, and have budget for a custom setup, the EXT120 is king. The first thing that caught my eye about the EXT120 is that it has the highest max dose of any generator. With 90 settings ranging between micro-ozone of 0.1 – 120 gamma. Another thing I love about Promolife is that they offer free calibration every two years.

This is the ideal affordable generator for those that plan to spot treat with ozone rather than setting up an ozone room. As the name suggests, the O3Elite Mini is the little brother of Promolife’s Single and Dual models. If you just want an affordable way to insufflate and ozonate water, the mini is what you need. Choose the O3 Elite Dual for the most powerful, premium, consumer-available generator capable of performing all ozone modalities, and faster. Be sure to capitalize on SimplyO3’s easy-to-digest resources, including YouTube videos, infographics, podcasts, and helpful information for new ozone users. With these generators, you’ll need to buy all the components separately.

Secondly, ozone water boosts the natural healing process. It’s one of few modalities with efficacy that approaches IV ozone and is generally the go-to option for at-home systemic bodybuilding chicago ozone therapy. The ideal ozone machine depends on your use case and whether you’re looking for full-body systemic treatment, or are just addressing a local issue.

Barton is passionate about helping people address the stress of daily life, sleep struggles, hormone issues, fatigue, and nutrient absorption issues we all face. This episode discusses why vitamins are useless without minerals and the best way to avoid mineral deficiency. If you want to learn what to do about it, take a listen. Ian Mitchell first joined me for the episode “Vape Pens, Hair Growth Serums, Fixing The Pineal Gland & C60 .”.

If that’s too much hassle, you can also buy pre-ozonated supplements, lotions, and products. Ozone generating systems are most commonly used for air purification, but also for making ozonated water, and other medical purposes. In this episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast, Dr. Gladden sits with Steve Reiter to answer questions from the Gladden Longevity podcast listeners.

What should be done, and what are the prospects of success? Listen to this episode to hear some thoughts and perspectives about longevity. From the energy of the earth to the sustaining breath of air, from the heat of fire to the nourishing force of water… What I mean by that is that if you introduce a foreign substance, your body’s immune system will mount a response – and often, that response can have negative health consequences. From steroids to even everyday legal compounds, these u …