I just found out about the betterworks.com reviews. They are the highest rated business review site for small businesses.

The site claims that they review reviews of small businesses, but it’s a little confusing, because they are actually a business review site. While I was looking through their business page I realized I’ve been using their reviews to check out reviews of a lot of my own business, so I was looking for the reviews of my business. They don’t go into a lot of detail about what makes a business good. They do however go into many of the other important aspects of making a small business successful.

I had some thoughts about what the reviews should look like but it was a bit vague, so I had to play hard to find any details. As it turned out, if there is a review page for an article that looks like a business it should be in one of the reviews, and if it appears like a blog it should be in a review.

The new reviews look like businesses, but they are still blogs. Blogs are not meant as detailed reviews, and are not meant to provide anything more than one or two sentences.

Blogs are written by people who write for themselves, and are written in a very loose sense. They are not paid to do reviews, and the fact that the reviewer is not paid is not a part of the review. You should look at the review to see if the reviewer writes about the article in any detail and if it makes sense to look at the article.

All of this is for free. I feel like a free developer should make money from reviews, but I’m not one of those. I think the reviews should still be free, though. In fact, it should be easy to give away reviews if you’re trying to sell something.

There are too many things to list, but I feel like it’s important to be more specific about what the review should be.

We want to hear what you think, and what you think should be done differently.

If you’d like to be a regular reader of this blog, I’d be interested in hearing what other reviews are going to be out for next month.

If you’re interested, you can visit our website at www.imwccon.


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