This trailer was obviously just to promote Smokeless, and it looks as cool and dangerous as ever. Since we just touched on a low-smoke option that’s an investment, it’s worth talking about the other side of the spectrum. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly choice, the INNO STAGE Fire Bowl Pit delivers. With its small size coming in at roughly $42, it gives you the low-smoke fire you want without the high price tag. The TIKI fire pit is made from 16-gauge stainless steel, then powder-coated to make it durable and weather-resistant. It also comes with a weather-resistant cover to help it last through the years.

The bottom line is I would recommend a smokeless fire pit to anyone who likes to have a more controlled and efficient fire and if you have room to take it camping. For backyard use, I think it’s worth it if you want to have a real wood fire in your yard with minimal smoke . Cooking on a gas fire pit that isn’t specifically built for cooking is not recommended, the only exception being toasting marshmallows, since they only touch the flame and not the pit itself. However, some fire pits do sell accessories that you can add for safe cooking, and others are designed with cooking in mind. Because smokeless fire pits greatly reduce the smoke produced by the fire, you won’t notice much of a smoke smell around the fire or on your clothes.

This innovative design is not foolproof when it comes to preventing all smoke or pollution, but they do decrease these factors dramatically. A pit with poor airflow and design will take a lot longer, or even flame out after 15 minutes no matter how well you’ve stacked your wood. Ideally, a fire pit will generate a lot of flame and little smoke. A quality fire pit will also burn fuel efficiently, leaving little solid material remaining once its fire burns out naturally. In fire pit mode, you lower the fuel rack to the bottom of the pit. To use it as a free-standing grill, so you can cook over hot wood coals or charcoal briquettes if you prefer, raise the rack to its highest position.

Get the best value on product protection including fast repairs or replacements. Packs 48,000 BTUs of heating power for cool-weather outdoor socializing. He was previously an truck wood bed rails app developer, oil derrick inspector, public-radio archivist, and sandwich shop owner. He has written for Popular Science, The Awl, and the New York Observer, among others.

However, the carrying case is sold separately, so you’ll need to spend a little extra for this added convenience. If you have a small patio or limited space when packing for a camping trip, we recommend buying a small fire pit that puts out a lot of heat while remaining compact and easy to operate. The ash pan at the bottom slides out easily for speedy cleanup, and it also comes with a weather-resistant cover for greater protection against the elements when it’s not in use. We recommend choosing a dedicated space in your yard where you plan to use this fire pit most frequently, since it’s quite bulky and can be difficult to move. Our favorite smokeless fire pit is the Solo Stove Bonfire because of its portability and durable, high-quality design. Camping world has a big selection of Portable Fire Pits and Patio Heaters to keep you warm during those chilly times of the year.