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On June 3, 2013, McMahon made an appearance to reveal her decision not to allow Triple H to compete that night. On the June 17 episode of Raw, McMahon confronted new Divas Champion AJ themanspot divorce Lee. On the July 8 episode of Raw, McMahon fired Vickie Guerrero from the position of Raw Managing Supervisor when the WWE Universe voted “Failed” during Guerrero’s job evaluation.

When record-breaking bucks began falling, you could hear Tiffany’s celebratory Yeeesss. Incidentally, Tiffany was a character with a bow, which provoked Lee to join his two interests. Each tv show obtains several fans and followers from the major part of the world, and it gives more comfortable for the customer to provide the best support and solution at all times.

Not because it has a BC sticker on it, but because it is what I need/want. I’ll still watch ole Mike “Freak Nasty” Waddy because there are much worse shows on TV. I’m not judging MW just the act but I know many here that were ready to hang the other Michael for fighting dogs and think he should be punished for life. Many times we seem to let things go if it doesn’t affect us individually.

At Survivor Series, Team SmackDown defeated Team Raw, On the March 20 episode of Raw, Foley was fired as Raw General Manager for his actions. In April, Stephanie was written out of the storyline after being pushed accidentally through a table at WrestleMania 33 by Triple H, and did not appear on WWE TV for many months. However, McMahon made a one-off appearance after Kevin Owens assaulted her father on the September 12 edition of SmackDown. The internal disputes between the McMahons led to Linda McMahon being in a comatose and wheel-chair bound state due to the stress of being asked for a divorce by Vince, who took the opportunity to have a public affair with Trish Stratus. McMahon briefly feuded with Stratus, defeating her at No Way Out. Over the next few weeks, Vince made it clear that he favored McMahon over Stratus, allowing McMahon to bully and verbally abuse Stratus.