Raponomics podcast offers useful how-to information about the music business for rappers, producers, songwriters, DJs, and singers. The brainchild of Wendy’s Day from Rap Coalition, raponomics delivers tried and true concepts so artists can build their fanbases and monetize their music. Wendy shares current, innovative ideas and skillsets to achieve success in today’s music business.

The DIY Musician Podcast features interviews with promoters, lawyers, publishers, bookers, and artists of all styles and backgrounds to bring you the all the latest in music promotion and marketing. Born out of their daily work with artists at CD Baby and their own musical pursuits, Kevin and Chris are leading the charge to educate and encourage artists while building community among fellow musicians. One of the longest running shows on the list, topping 500 episodes, The Music Biz Weekly is co-hosted by industry vets, Michael Brandvold and Jay Gilbert.

This podcast is mostly focused on the live concert side of the industry. Sadly this music industry podcast had its last episode in November of 2019, with a couple of fun ones they released in December 2019. However, there is a massive backlog of 200 episodes full of amazing guests and legends who have booked concerts for many decades and around the world. Basically, the time in between projects, meetings, family time, and so on.

The format is accessible, and the information provided is easy to digest. Michael Walker is a great host who can make the most out of each topic, and the questions he asks his guests are the ones all independent musicians need to know about. The podcasts I chose for this article cover a bit of everything, providing useful information for people working in all aspects of the music industry. However, you may want to cherry-pick the ones that are more in line with your passion or field of expertise. In this podcast, the host will teach you the music business, tips, tools, and many more to help you grow and obtain assets. Growing a business from 0 to a multi-MILLION dollar brand doesn’t happen by mistake.

“Ari Herstand is the best-selling author of How to Make It in the New Music Business. Ari offers straight talk with no fluff and doesn’t let his guests off easy…” —Read more on Spotify. I hope this list will help you find all the information you need to kickstart your music career. If you best music industry podcasts think I forgot about some great music business podcasts, please do get in touch – let me know what I’m missing in the comments below. With Progressions, Travis Ference identifies the critical point of artists’ careers and explains in detail how things are done in the music industry.