Stellaris is giving you that experience from above. The Drakania is a new female class with a very large two-handed sword named Slayer. She wields the power of dragons and is a descendant of the dragons herself. You’ll be able to enter bdo upgrading fishing rods tomorrow, March 30th, and pre-create your very own Drakania through April 6th. The extensive patch notes can be found on the Black Desert Online official site. Come back when you’ve actually done the quests and then we can talk.

You have now obtained the title “Balenos’ Best Hunter”! Your hunting prowess will now allow you to obtain hunting xp and Hunter’s Tokens by completing repeatable quests for wild animals. There are a total of 13 daily quests around Balenos Islands, as well as two possible boss quests if you have saved up 90 Hunter’s Tokens. The 13 quests will provide 65 Hunter’s Tokens each day. Black Desert Online’s latest content update will bring several new additions.

I feel like the new new calpheon questline is alright. Roughly at the same time the Imps that had displaced the local Goblins from the Agris Steppe took up arms and started to fight dispatched force. At some point in time Cron Castle became the seat of an important state headed by Noir Bartali III, a kind king that was cruel only to aristocrats.

The update also opens up the new Elvia Calpheon realm where players will be able to revisit transformed versions of popular grinding zones with brand new mechanics. There you will be able to face the many powerful Snil, Rhutum, Giants, Hexe Skeletons, and Trolls. There were many different, old and familiar monster zones offered unique and interesting mechanics due to the Elvia Distortion Phenomenon and the Depair Rift centred on each other. Elvia Calpheon will drop the new weapons for the Godr-Ayed. It also drops many new loot items for upgrade to alchemy-like stones. We hope that it will become an exciting challenge for our Adventurers.

There is also a need to know what ingredients are needed to prepare foods and drinks, as your character does not learn cooking recipes like in previous games, so you have to do that yourself. Black Desert Online is continuing to work its way to improve the quality of the content in-game, along with providing new challenging content that the adventurers can take on in-game. The game is trying its best for players to experience the worldview that the game is trying to create. Are you having trouble viewing the map above that shows all the locations for wild mobs? Then please view the ordered list below for wild mobs that you can hunt with a Matchlock.

Balenos, one of the oldest regions in the game, will receive an improved main questline with additional cutscenes. Furthermore, throughout the game, Pearl Abyss has remastered the character models and overall look of NPCs and improved several hunting grounds as a result of player feedback. Pearl Abyss has added a major renewal update to Black Desert Online, specifically for the Balenos Questline and Elvia Realm in Calpheon. The place is also well-known for having abundant resources you can tap into such as wood and farming goods.

Big guy nea the Balenos Forest node, if you don’t know where this is, it’s to the south of Velia. In the south of Velia, on the road to the west of the stables. In the south east of Velia to the left of the stables. The town drunk, he is on the south/western edge of town. Like Crio on the docks of Velia, However Abelin is a bit more to the east standing on a pole fishing. Easiest way to reach her is to find the stables in Velia and take the road to the south west.