Students remain enrolled in this school at a higher rate than other schools. More & more Indian students are choosing the UK as their preferred study destination for higher education. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, Baylor has a population of 19,297 students, out of which 14,399 are undergrads, while 4,898 are pursuing graduate studies. Baylor is known for being quite active in the fields of volunteering and community service.

Founded in 1845, it is also the oldest continuously operating university in the state of Texas and the largest Baptist university in the world. Needless to say, this post was meant to be strongly data-driven. Rather than relying on other people’s opinions, we took a logical approach intended to provide a more accurate picture of the school.

Ideally, if the cost of attendance is going up, we want the amount of aid to be growing at the same or even at a higher rate. In summary, the 6-year graduation nightstands modern farmhouse rate at this university increased by 8.63 percent points between 2017 and 2020. First of all, it is a fact that this parameter has remained incredibly high.

This is higher than the acceptance rate of 2019, which was 45.3%. Between 2019 and 2020, the number of applicants declined by −2.61%, while admissions grew by 47.1%. This chart compares the average student costs at Baylor University with that of similar universities. The median undergraduate tuition at Baylor University is $44,544, which is $15,981 more than the national average for Doctoral Universities ($28,563). Of these 894 students, 4 were still working towards their degree, 773 had transferred to a different institution, and Baylor lost contact with the remaining 116 whom we assume dropped out.

This chart compares the tuition costs of Baylor University with those of other similar universities. In 2020, the cost of tuition at Baylor University was $44,544. The cost of tuition at Baylor University is $15,981 more than than the overall national average for Doctoral Universities ($28,563).

As a Baptist institution, its main focus is entirely on education and community service. Therefore, people interested in a vibrant party scene may be better served at another university. Meaning that more students are finding the right environment to advance and complete their program. We can find the answer to that question by simply looking at the graduation rate of the school, which is the percentage of students who completed their program. On the other hand,a bad first-year experience will induce more students to drop outor transfer to another college, causing the retention rate to decrease.

Department of Education, which compiles self-reported information provided by colleges and universities, for the purpose of making such information openly available to students and parents. The tuition is pretty high, given that Baylor is a private university. Fees are charged above that, as well as a mandatory meal plan and housing for at least freshmen.