Lets get back to the fun and ignore all that ugly stuff. So we end up with “vote for the Dem or you’re a Nazi”… which probably isn’t enough. Trump can’t win a reasonable evaluation so he’s making sure he’s being compared to Hitler. These are people that are at the top of their profession with a very recognizable company. It’s similar to watching a once-top athlete being unable to walk away from the game because they are addicted to the success. I also think a lot of them just didn’t make plans.

With maybe one or two exceptions, no one here is going to ever experience a rough ride in a police van, or have our children ripped away from us, or watch a loved one be shot by the cops with impunity. Because petty tyrannies are like that, where there is this large group of people who live completely untroubled lives, never experiencing the brutal fist of the government. It reminds me of that friend I had who was a missionary in Argentina in the 70s during the Dirty War.

The three congresswomen born in the US don’t live here as guests. And we as a nation decided through our legal processes to make the other one a permanent American. I work very hard to encourage and support her.

Chris Rock also had a similar joke in one of his comedy specialis that was oft-quoted around then. I think the same thing is still true, but people have gotten smarter about not announcing it. And in my experience, middle class blacks also have complicated feelings towards poor blacks. Again, all of this speaks more to culture than race even if we still haven’t figure out the right words to use when explaining it. I tend to look at commenting here as pretending that we have a direct impact on policy makers. Otherwise, it feels like shouting into the wind.

She has more than 60,000 followers on her mckinli Instagram account. She and Jessica Gee are both bloggers who focus heavily on their families. She was was Miss Northern Utah Teen USA in 2008. I don’t follow her, but as soon as you mentioned “chalk board names” … I knew who you were talking about, solely based on that stupid picture that is literally in my Pinterest feed every day!!

But you can absolutely address the policies it creates on their actual merits. As for those secret racist attitudes, that’s already a step in the right direction, because it makes it more difficult for those people to advance their policies or build coalitions around them. And I don’t really think all the burden on not hindering conversation should fall on the people who do believe he is a racist and his comments are racist. That may be true in general, but there is a lot of evidence that Trump infers that people have cultural values he’s prejudiced against based on their race, and that is, uh, well, racist.

He has no reason to believe that she can ever be happy again. The question is, ‘Who decides what the population wants? ’ And while it’s easy to say ‘Trump proves the President actually is important there’, but in reality, did the duncan duo divorce no. Trump just ended up in power because enough of the population had been fed nonsense for a really long time by various right-wing media outfits. OK, being honest, that’s… not what we’re really only talking about here.

The toobz provide easy evidence for everything without knowledge of how big or significant something is. Russell is pretty level-headed but he was bothered enough to write about it. One wonders if the same sort of aspirational support that came with the first black nominee in 2008 and the first female nominee in 2016 might also not find it’s way behind the first gay nominee in 2020.

We just got a new president of my division that came from a younger, hipper company so i am hoping he makes smart changes fast. With that said…what we see from the SJ Left is not really racism against their own race, it’s white guilt. That’s a particularly noxious trait of that crowd and because most of them believe they have already expressed adequate shame for themselves, they mostly direct it outwards towards their fellow whites. Pretty maddening from my perspective, but it the reality of the day. If the word racism is used to often, which it is, that doesn’t diminish the need to call it out when you see it.

The twins will be 2 when this baby is morn. Ok, so I did a bit more digging and in the sex reveal video for the newest baby the husband mentions that the cake was baked by his cousin Aurora . Not sure if the same family or not, but I also think they are evangelical . The couple had a baby dedication for their triplets, Romanian Orthodox don’t do baby dedications, we do christenings. Kelly marriedRobert Zieglerin 2018, a year or so after returning to her parents’ home in NC when her marriage to Peter collapsed. Ziegler seems to be a fundie patriarse, like her father, Scott Brown.