We may need one or more official undergraduate transfer transcripts as well – this additional requirement would be stated in the conditions of admission in your welcome email. You can learn a great deal from the different cultures stock lending income program webull represented on campus. Make sure you meet with them even if you don’t need help with anything. They may even be able to write a letter of recommendation for you one day.Also when it comes to the meal plan use it carefully.

You’ll find our top-ranked programs and indispensable resources are all you need to develop intellectually and professionally. Please make sure you click on the appropriate application link to apply for the correct semester. There are many ways to make SIU graduate education more affordable. Find out more about the different ways to seek financial assistance.

Some of the most popular majors include Psychology, Biological Sciences, Business, Automotive Technology, Computer Science, etc. In case you are applying for a merit scholarship, it is mandatory to present your SAT scores. You’ll find our top-ranked programs and indespensible resources are all you need to develop intellectually and professionally. We give our students a solid foundation of academics so that they may rise to their full potential.

Students can personalize their experience with our online courses or attend classes at one of our nationwide off-campus locations. You may be admitted by either applying directly to a particular degree program or by applying as a Nondeclared Graduate Student. Achieve requires as much comprehensive diagnostic and psychoeducational evaluations and records as can be provided.

Some of the most important factors affecting admission decisions include high school GPA, academic records, completion of college preparatory curriculum and test scores. A part of the Southern Illinois University system, SIU-Carbondale is a public research university spread across 1,136 acres in the state of Illinois. Education, Healthcare Management, Agriculture and related sciences, Psychology, and Aviation Management are some of the most enrolled courses at the university. Counted in the top 50 libraries of the US, the Morris library of SIU houses more than 4 million volumes and lakhs of books, journals, and eBooks. Named after a breed of a greyhound dog, Saluki is the university’s sports team. Carbondale also provides students with a number of services like a women’s centre, Disability support, Student Legal Assistance, career services etc.

All required documents should be submitted directly to your department. If you have any questions, please contact your department directly. Please include a photocopy of your TOEFL/IELTS Examinee score report with your program application materials. You have a minimum of 60 graded hours of recent coursework completed at an accredited college/university in the United States with continuous residence in the United States prior to application at SIU. Pass / Fail, Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory, or Proficiency credit is not acceptable. An applicant was awarded a Master’s degree at an accredited college/university in the United States and has been in residence in the United States continuously prior to application to SIU .

You must complete a minimum of 15 semester hours, specifically your last 30 credits, at SIUC to earn a bachelor’s degree. Our beautiful campus is home to major opportunities in a number of fields. We welcome students from all walks of life from around the world and pride ourselves on inclusivity. If your visa application has been granted, you can start your study abroad journey.

There are two residence halls-East and West campus spread across the university. Hannibal Buress (stand-up comedian, actor, and writer), Frederick J. Brown , and Lee Feinswog are some of the prominent alumni of SIU. The university welcomes international applicants to apply and also supports them by providing scholarships and loans to ease the financial burden. However, students must fill in the form appropriately and fulfil all admission requirements in order to be considered for admission.

You should work toward getting your ACT score at or above the average score. However, if you’re making a tradeoff on what to improve – remember that ACT scores are important, but carry less weight than GPA and coursework. You should work toward getting your SAT score at or above the average score.