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In this blog post, we will discuss the differences between three different systems that work on surroundings. The first system is a closed system which means that no matter what happens to it, nothing can get in or out of it. The second system is an open system which means anything can enter and exit the space at any time. Lastly, there’s a semi-closed system that allows both gas and liquid to enter and exit the space but not solid materials.

barrels, kegs, casks @ Pixabay

Semi-closed system:

In this system, gas and liquid can enter the space but not solid material. This is why it’s called a semi-closed system because while there are limitations to what enters and exits the area, both of these things can still happen. But how does that work? Well for example when you fill up your car with air from the outside, then air will enter into space but once it leaves again, no more solids will be able to come in or leave as long as they’re bigger than atoms which means water cannot leave through evaporation either. What about if something happens inside of a semi-closed container like say temperature changes? When the heat goes onto one side of the container wall for


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