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“Are my kids too smart for school?” I get asked this question a lot. Today, the answer is no. But in the past, when schools were still geared towards a factory-style of education that was both ineffective and boring, it’s possible they would have been bored by what they were being taught!

 And yet, many parents believe that their children are too smart for school. Children who display an early ability to read and grasp complex concepts can be frustrated by what they see as easy tasks in the classroom; this is often because our education system has not caught up with how quickly kids’ brains develop. Parents may worry about where these bright students will fit once it’s time to switch from elementary to middle or high schools, but I am here today to tell you why your child should keep going! 

office, business, accountant @ Pixabay

The world we live in now requires a level of intelligence far higher than any generation before us – so while sticking them into classes geared towards subjects like math and science might


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