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If you are a website owner, then this article is for you! Page weight refers to how much data your web pages take up on someone’s computer.

laptop, computer, portable @ Pixabay

There are many factors that affect page weight, and it can vary from site to site depending on content and design. Having a low page weight is important because it affects how quickly users can load your webpage. If they have to wait too long, they may give up before the webpage has loaded completely or leave altogether if they get bored waiting. This post will discuss at what minimum page weight an ideal website should strive for based on best practices. As well as provide tips on how to reduce your own site’s page weight.

There are many ways to implement this optimization including minimizing images (or using lower quality ones). Enabling any browser caching available, as well as minifying scripts and CSS files. By removing comments and unnecessary white space while keeping them readable. These changes will help reduce the size of webpage loads without significantly affecting look or functionality which ultimately leads to a better user experience.”


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