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The weirdest place I’ve ever eaten is at a four legged table. There was one grandma, and she told me that it was her favorite restaurant because the food is so good. She also said that there are only three tables like this in the world. – The food was delicious and the service was great -I had to keep my knees very high up on my chair because I couldn’t reach the table. Would you recommend it? Yes! It’s a really unique experience that you can tell your friends about later on. The only negative is that there are no chairs which makes for an uncomfortable meal if you have back pain or don’t want to sit cross legged with someone else at a four legged table. Other than this, it is worth giving it a try just once in your life time.” The Weirdest Place You’ve Ever Dined At a four legged table there is one grandma who told me that her favorite restaurant has good food and she also said that


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