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The magnitude of the impulse on a ball is based on the force and how long it acts. The impulse, or change in momentum, can be calculated by multiplying the force by time. This blog post will help you understand more about impulses so that you can calculate them yourself! This is the content of your blog post. You can delete this paragraph when you publish it as a draft and save any changes. You are not done yet! Click “Publish Draft” to go back to Blogger, or “Save Changes” if you’re happy with what you’ve written so far in Google Docs. — What’s Happening? — * To view updates from those who have commented on your posts, visit the ‘Comments’ tab at the bottom of your dashboard page.* — Publish Draft — Save Changes — **Finished Writing** Congratulations! Your long form content was successfully created 🙂 Now that we’ve wrote a few paragraphs for our long-form content, let


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