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Where is the arena in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey? This question might seem like a simple one for some, but it has been on many players’ minds ever since they started playing. There are several theories as to why there isn’t an arena, and we’ll break down all of them here. – There was a small arena in the game at one point, but it has been removed. This is most likely what happened because there are pieces of dialogue from story quests that mention an arena coming soon to Athens.

Players have speculated on this idea by saying “maybe they were just telling us something we already knew.” – The developers might not want players to fight other players without any ramifications for their actions and prizes. In multiplayer modes like Dominion or Deathmatch, all player stats reset after each match so it wouldn’t be fair if someone fought against another person with rewards based on how many kills they had over time. They could get those rewards quicker than somebody else who would take longer to kill people themselves instead of playing matches as quickly


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