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You’re in the wrong circus. It’s time to get out of the circus, and start riding two horses at once. This blog post is for those who want a successful business that creates revenue while also making a positive impact on both people and planet. In this blog post, I’m going to share the secret sauce that has transformed my company and helped it grow by 300% in only three years.

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The first step is to pick a market you’re passionate about – whether it’s food security or ocean conservation, for example- and focus all of your efforts on solving problems related to that issue. This will align what matters most with how you spend every minute of your day (i.e., instead of doing things because they look good on paper). Once we set our mission, we started asking ourselves: How can we make money while also making an impact? To answer this question, we created two types of revenue streams from which everyone benefits: one generates profit through the


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