fire, firefighter, fireman @ Pixabay

Why are firetrucks red? That’s a question that many people have asked themselves when they see a truck with the word “fire” written in big, bold letters on the side. The color is so bright and vivid, it can be hard to miss! But why is it this way? Is there some logical explanation behind it? It’s not just firetrucks that are red, either. You’ll find a lot of emergency vehicles in the same color: police cars, ambulances and even pizza delivery trucks! Why? It turns out there is an explanation for this trend… but it might be one you’re not expecting to hear. When early carriages (which were basically horse-drawn carts) were used as means of transport by authorities on their way to addresses where fires had been spotted or other urgent circumstances arose, they would often paint them with bright colors so they could have better visibility at night. Red was usually chosen because it was easy to make from readily available materials such as iron oxide and sulfur (creating a reddish brown). This


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