fire trucks
fire, fire fighters, fire department @ Pixabay

The question that you are asking is a good one, and it deserves a great answer. The first thing to know about fire trucks is that they are red because of the color’s association with danger. Red has been used as an international symbol for warning or stop since at least 1831, when British railways used red and white stripes to identify themselves. Fire engines were traditionally painted this same way in order to convey their seriousness as emergency vehicles. The second thing to know about fire trucks is that they are big because of the size and weight of their equipment. Most modern engines have a ladder, which can range from 25 feet to 100 feet in height, depending on how it has been configured for use at different locations. The engine also carries water and other supplies needed for fighting fires or rescuing people who need assistance during an emergency situation. The third thing you should know is that all firefighters work together as part of a team with one goal: keeping people out of harm’s way. They do this by preventing the spread of fires through early detection and quick response when there is no immediate danger; stopping the blaze itself before it gets too large; evacuating anyone who needs help getting away from


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