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“Can you ask me how I know the lyrics?” – Justin Bieber Justin Bieber knows all of the words to your favorite songs. Now, so do you! Just in time for summer, we’re launching a new feature that will make it easy to learn and remember lyrics from any song.

guitar, guitarist, music @ Pixabay

Eminem – Lose Yourself

Check out our demo below: *Get started: type the name of your favorite song below to get a preview widget and lyrics. Eminem – Lose Yourself “You better lose yourself in the music, the moment.” The words are as clear as they could be. There’s no need to worry about what he has said before you got here because it’ll soon be apparent that this is not his first rodeo singing. “Don’t let me catch you crying-” Once again, I have no idea what Eminem was going for with that last line there but once more-no matter how many times he may reiterate some point or other from earlier on in his rap-he never comes out too repetitive sounding either way so..I’m just gonna keep


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