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The key to making a clean kill is having the right equipment. The rifle you use should be suited for the game you are hunting and the terrain that it will be hunted on.

A good example of this would be a .308 calibre bolt-action rifle, which can take down large animals with ease because of its range and power. However, if your prey lives in dense forests or brush, then a semi-automatic weapon like an AR15 might work better for you!

In addition to the rifle, you should have a variety of ammunition types for different environments and situations.

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For example, hunting in dense forests or brush will require an animal-specific bullet type such as the .30 calibre round that has less recoil than most other bullets.

The wrong gun paired with the wrong ammo can make all difference when it comes to making a clean kill! The last key piece of equipment is your actual body.

You need to take into account how much weight you are carrying on each shoulder before deciding what kind of footwear you want. A good rule would be to carry no more than 20% of your weight at any time–if possible, even less! This makes sure that you don’t get too exhausted.


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