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As the world becomes increasingly more globalized, and we become more connected as a society, there are some issues that can only be solved by people from all over the world. One of those problems is climate change.

This blog post will explore how Asia’s help is needed to stop it! There are three ways that Asia can help to stop climate change.

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The first is by creating renewable energy sources like wind, solar, biofuel and geothermal power. This will alleviate the demand for fossil fuels which in turn lowers CO² emissions into our atmosphere.

Second, Asia should work towards reducing deforestation so there’s less carbon dioxide being released into the air!

And finally, one of the best things Asia can do to stop climate change? Eat more plants! More green veggies mean less meat on your plate and lower greenhouse gas emission from animal agriculture.

Join me as we explore how you too can help fight back against climate change with just a few adjustments!


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