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As your textbook explains, you should use examples in your speeches in order to illustrate a point and make it more memorable. This blog post is full of 11 different examples that you can use when giving a speech.

You’ll find that each example is unique and will help make what you’re trying to say much clearer for the audience.

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Example one: A study done by the World Bank found that, in 2011, iPhones cost about $400 to produce and sell for $600.

This means they were making a profit of $200 per phone ($400-$300) The first example is from an article on The Verge titled “How Apple manages its most profitable product line”. In this blog post, you’ll find 11 examples which are all designed to help illustrate your point as well as make it more memorable.

Example One is taken from the same article noted above where it states that iPhones cost “$400 to manufacture and sell for 600 dollars” meaning they’re taking home a net profit of 200 or 300 per iPhone depending on how you look at it.


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