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As your textbook explains, when preparing for a question-and-answer session, you should think about the following to ensure that things go smoothly:

Many people find it difficult to answer questions in front of an audience. However, with these 5 tips on how to prepare for a Q&A session and some practice beforehand using them, you will be much more confident during this time!

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Prepare a list of questions to anticipate and practise answering.

Think about what you will say in response to their question if they ask for more detail or clarification on your answer.

Be sure that the microphone is working before starting, as it can be distracting and annoying for audience members when there are sound problems during the session.

Make sure all participants know what microphones they’ll be using so they don’t use someone else’s by mistake!

Preparation: Think about how your audience might react to certain answers (e.g., “What did you learn from this experience?”) and prepare responses ahead of time so that you won’t stall while thinking of an answer on stage.”


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