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Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Proteins make up parts of our body, and help us function properly. What amino acid does the start codon code for? The answer may surprise you! The first three letters in DNA are “ATG.” This is called a start codon- it tells a ribosome to begin translating mRNA into protein.

A stop codon, on the other hand, terminates translation at that point. So what does ATG code for? The answer may surprise you. The start codon ATG codes for a methionine amino acid, and the next three letters code for isoleucine. Thus, in reality “ATG” really stands for “AMISILE,” which means that every time your body needs to make proteins, it has to read the sequence of DNA before this point as AMI-SAL. 

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his is because stop codons are not translated into protein; they just signal the end of an mRNA strand so ribosomes can either move on or drop off specific sections of RNA molecules. If there isn’t a stop codon at the end, then translation will continue until another one appears.


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