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“When I’m trying to solve a problem, it’s important for me to use the process of elimination and look at all of my options before settling on just one. The only way I’ll know if something is going to work out is if I try it.” This quote was taken from an interview with a high school math student who goes by the name “Tommy”.

Tommy has been using this strategy throughout his academic career, and he says that it’s helped him find success in many different environments. Problem-solving process: Using options as part of the problem solving strategy As part of considering options, a student using the problem-solving process should consider that they have more than one option available to them.

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A technique for making sure all possible solutions are considered is called “the Problem Solving Wheel”. This wheel often has six steps on it; this includes identifying and describing the current state or situation, brainstorming different ideas based on what we know about our goal and other factors in play, listing pros and cons to those ideas or actions being proposed, narrowing down which idea seems best given the context at hand, thinking through how we’re going to implement that chosen action now or later (determines if an old solution.


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