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You could have driven the length of a football field, or gone one mile in that time. So it’s not surprising that when you’re driving at 60 mph, 4 seconds can feel like an eternity. Next Sentence: Konstantin says, “It’s important to stay focused because it only takes a few seconds for things to change.” Previous sentence of the post: If you’re driving at 60 mph and react one second late, you’ll overshoot your target.

One second means two football fields or about 600 yards. And that doesn’t even account for reaction time—the time it takes to see something happen and respond. So when officer Konstantin talks about how four seconds can feel like an eternity, he isn’t exaggerating by much.

There are many consequences of impatience on the road. Some people text while they drive; others would rather risk taking their eyes off the road than keeping them on the dashboard or their hands off the wheel for an extra minute. Next sentence: Not surprisingly, more than 100 people die every day in America as a result of crashes involving distracted drivers.

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Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Previous sentence of post: All that time you spend looking at your phone while driving is not only dangerous and illegal—it’s also just plain stupid. Next Sentence after this one: But officer Konstantin has some advice to keep things simple and stay focused when it comes to safety around cars. Next sentence following these sentences will be about speeding through yellow lights. Previous paragraph ends here. 


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