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Ever wonder how fast things are going?

Well, this blog post is all about velocity. What it means, and why it’s important to know what your velocity is. We’ll also be discussing the different types of velocities that exist in the world around us. So if you’re curious about a subject like this one, keep reading. Velocity is the rate of change in distance over time. 

Speed and velocity are both measurements of how fast something moves through space, but only one can be measured per unit length. For example, a car traveling at 55 mph has a speed of 55 miles/hour (approximately 88 feet/minute) but their average speed doesn’t mean much to most people because they don’t know what that looks like on an actual map or graph).

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The difference between these measures is found by dividing the two numbers together: so if you divide 55 miles/hour by 20 minutes for every mile traveled then you get 11 MPH (or 15 km/h). This value represents your average speed.


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