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Social media is a great tool for marketing and advertising, but it’s also risky. Here are 11 risks that your business should be aware of before launching a social media campaign.

phone, display, apps @ Pixabay

1) The risk of losing followers: Have you ever unfollowed someone on Instagram or Facebook? If so, they may not follow you back after becoming aware that you unfollowed them. What do you think the risk of having your followers unsubscribe from your channel is? The likelihood of this occurring depends on how many subscribers you have and what kind of content they’re subscribed to.

If someone subscribes to a page because they want updates about, say, makeup tutorials or home decorating tips. But then posts political commentary instead. That person might not be happy with their subscription. Subscribers who are interested in one type of content will most likely unfollow if there’s too much other stuff going on. The best way to protect against losing subscribers is by making sure people know what kind of content you post before subscribing. It can provide them with peace of mind when deciding whether or not to follow.


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